Board Of Trustees
Board of Trustees

The supreme management body of the African Ophthalmology Council is the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees, led by the President and managed by the Executive Board Secretary has control of and is responsible for the management of the affairs and property of the AOC. The current members of the Board of Trustees are:

  • I. The President : Prof. Ciku Mathenge
  • II. Treasurer: Prof Feyi Adepoju
  • III. General Secretary: Dr Ibrahim Matende
  • IV. Past President: Dr Kgao Legodi
  • V. AOC Foundation President: Dr Kunle Hassan
  • VI. Executive Board Secretary: Ms Vestal Fick
  • VII. Vice President – Northern Africa: Dr Michael Mikhail
  • VIII. Vice President – Eastern Africa: Dr Abeba TekleGiorgis
  • IX. Vice President – Western Africa: Dr Ogugua Okonkwo
  • X. Vice President – Southern Africa: Dr Andrew Boliter
  • XI. Vice President - Central Region: Dr Theodat Manga
  • XII. Young Ophthalmologist representative: Dr Anesu Madikane
  • XIII. Senior Ophthalmologist representative:TBD
  • XIV. AOC Advisory Council Chair:TBD